Erover Two Wheels Smart Hoverboard Review

Erover Two Wheels Smart is a self balancing scooter providing an easy way of getting around town.  It has a simple but sleek looking design with all black finish. It is powered by electric motor with Smart Self Balancing technology. It is a very light model weighing in at just 27 pound therefore easy to store or carry around. It costs $300-$350 depending on the place it is purchased.

Specifications and features

  • This is a beautifully designed scooter that reaches top speed of up to 10Mp/h. This is perfect pace to reach short distance destinations within few minutes as it will. It is great for sightseeing, or running errands.
  • This is a model with fast charging system working off 100-240 volts. The scooter can be charged at a normal home outlet. This is a big advantage because some scooters are charged at different voltage.
  • Erover Two Wheels Smart is one of the lightest two wheel scooters. It is easy to pick and carry home if it happens to exhaust charge when out and about.
  • A tire size of 10 inches means a rider has low profile when riding. It allows you to feel as if you are gliding adding to riding experience thus making the scooter to be extremely fun to ride.
  • This is a great model for teenage riders because it is designed for riders aged 14 years onward.
  • Erover has double balancing technology meaning that you can all the time  stay safe on this scooter
  • Erover Two Wheel Smart has six month warranty that helps to ensure you be satisfied with the purchase always.
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  • It is easy to learn riding an Erover scooter and one can master it in less than an hour
  • It is fun to ride scooter for ages 14-90 therefore everyone in the family can ride it.
  • It can be ridden indoors and outdoors. Many people use it for zooming around their house before taking them out for more fun.
  • It is a good alternative to driving a car for short distances and errands like grocery shopping
  • Has amazing turning radius therefore is easy to move around in tight areas like a retail store or home
  • Beautiful blue led light adds to beauty of the scooter and lights up ground around


  • Erover Two Wheels Smart is not sold together with carrying case
  • The scooter needs charging before using it after receiving it in mail
  • Sometimes, the device purchased online is shipped from china and might take a month to receive
  • There is some confusion with the charger. Some people have reported that charging light is on all the time.
  • Some people have concerns about scooter quality because of the materials used to make it up.

The verdict

Erover Two Wheels Smart is a medium quality scooter and it charger has some issues. However its 6 months warranty helps buyers to work out problems their units might have. This is a great scooter to get around town especially if when going for short distances. It is fun for those who want to ride for pleasure but not recommended for anyone looking for heavy duty self balancing scooter.