Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Board Review


I have now come to agree that this one auto balancing smart board is the most elegant, the lightest and undoubtedly the fastest self balancing smart board. The Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Board is described by as a gadget from the future, so I hear.  My doubts were cleared when I bought the magical device, only to discover the amazing features that make it quite unique, perhaps unbeatable in quality and convenience.

With its price ranging from somewhere between $400 and $500, the product is described as a combination of properties of a scooter in terms of its ease of use and a skateboard in terms of the fun it brings, along with some sense of swag in it. I actual got mine for a mere $399, quite a cost effective amount as compared other variants.

It is equipped with features that make it fun, practical and pillow cool kind of experience. It also comes with free shipping in general, if one purchases one from authorized outlet sites. The magic behind this self balancing scooter is that it responds to the movements of the user’s body, enabled by the dual action motors which allow automatic balancing on getting on the board.

I actually perform various tricks and stunts, just like I used to with my can do with the standard skateboard, only now with much advanced technology. I hear that it is most recommended users are people between the age of 14 and 45 and those who weigh 220 lbs and below, but I’m only 35 and . With about the speed of 12 mph, the manufacturer describes it as an elegant choice for urban commutes. It is often described as revolutionary, as technology from the future, and I think it’s exactly that.

Specifications and Features

One thing I liked most about the product is that it is made in US with good customer service from the manufacturer and good quality, the smart board is appealing and full of swag. The smart board is actually able to navigate at 10 -12 miles per hour and I recharge it only once to serve me up to 20 miles of fun with swag. I

The device wheels are an amazing 6.5 inches each, ensuring that when riding on sidewalks with fair cracks and small pebbles, you can rest assured this device wont trip. This makes it quite practical as a way to navigate through to school, class or the workplace with swag.

The two wheel self balancing scooter is available on various online outlet and stores in various color options for users to choose from to match their esthetic needs. The most notable options include black, white, blue, green and gold. The patterns for the portable fun device are also variable for the user to choose. It also comes with an elegant pouch for easy carry and storage.

On my opinion, the swagway self balancing scooter is definitely the best. It’s the fastest, yet the lightest of similar models and is able to let the user to climb inclines up to 15 degrees with zero degree turning. The self balancing scooter board is considered quite convenient for lovers of adventure. I was given a one year warranty, just in case I found it defective.


Ease Of Use – Perhaps one of the reasons why the product rates high on online stores, the Swagway smart board is quite easy to use and learn to ride. The auto balancing feature is incomparable to most other variants in the market that I’ve tried or heard one or two things about. Maintaining balance is bread and butter, even for users who’ve never skated or ridden on a scooter.

Speed, Balance And Power – The speed is noted as quite convenient, making it safe to maneuver in urban commutes without risks. The automatic balancing from motor response and the sensors are perhaps the most adorable features followed by the 12mph optimum speed that is safe and effective. I do a lot of tricks and travels with just one charging occasion.

Portability and Flexibility – The Swagway X1 Hands-Free Smart Board also comes in an elegant package with an easy to carry handle on the top side. Unlike most other variants, the device is quite easy to carry, owing to its light weight and can be inserted into a carry bag that can be bought separately.


Every great thing has a downside of it and when it comes to the fastest and lightest self balancing scooter; there is one or two things that I disliked about it. One of these is that it scratches easily if extreme caution is not observed. Also, getting on and off the board was a bit tricky for me until I became a pro.


With the price being unbeatable compared to most other models in the market, and the device being reliable in terms of battery life, speed and safety, the Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board can be well worth the investment for people looking for speed, comfort, style, and swag in a customizable Scooter smart board.